WhatsApp threatens messaging abuses

After the appearance of a group of companies advertising products to circumvent usage restrictions, whats upp has threatened legal action against those publicly claiming the ability to abolish its messaging platform.

Reuters in a self-investigation discovered in May that clones and whats app’s software tools were helping Indian digital merchants and political activists overlook anti-spam restrictions in the wake of the general election of india.

So far, WhatsApp has focused legal action on the abuses for which she had found internal evidence.

“Unauthorized use of WhatsApp” was a post from the company owned by Facebook, saying that from December 7th, it would take action even if an entity simply publicly claimed a skill to abandon its platform.

“This serves as a notice that we will take legal action against companies,” the company said, but the spokesperson for whats upp did not specify what kind of legal action could be taken.

Reuters in May reported that WhatsApp was being abused before India’s general election through the use of free cloning applications and through a $ 14 software software that allowed users to automate the distribution of most WhatsApp messages.

Means claiming to bypass WhatsApp’s restrictions are also advertised in online video and forums aimed at users in Indonesia and Nigeria, who held the elections this year.

Reuters found that some firms in India also offered the opportunity to send part of WhatsApp messages from anonymous numbers via a web site.

The fight against spam has been an important issue for WhatsApp, especially in India, where there are more than 200 million users.

Last year, fake messages circulating at WhatsApp triggered crowd lynchings in India, after which the company limited the tracking of a message to only five users.

WhatsApp said it will also continue to ban accounts based on driving lessons. WhatsApp says it blocks more than 2 million accounts per month around the world for large or automated behaviors./Investing.com

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