Uber is woorking on First Self-Driving

Uber Technologies Inc. is working to put off endless vehicles under some limited conditions, while Wednesday will release the new Volvo model in Washington.

Uber said the new XC90 production will be assembled by Volvo Cars in Sweden and will have human controls such as steering wheels and brake pedals, but added that there are factory guidance systems and factory brakes installed at the factory designed for more computer much more than human control.

Previously, Uber had purchased about 250 Volvo XC90 trucks and adapted them for self-driving.

New vehicles – recognized by the number 519G and running for several years – are safer, more reliable and will soon replace the oldest vehicles in the Uber fleet, said Eric Meyhofer, head and Advanced Technologies Group Uber.

Meyhofer in an interview at a Uber conference in Washington on Tuesday said, “This is to go into production.”

The new tool also has several support systems for running and braking functions, as well as the power of battery backup and new cyber security systems.

Meyhofer said Uber is not ready to set up vehicles without human controls.

“We are still in a real hybrid state,” Meyhofer said. “We have to get there and we will not go to the thousands of cars in a city overnight, it will be a slower introduction.”

The new XC90 vehicles have an in-house fishfinder to scratch the lost items, Uber said. They also do not have sunroofs as self-driving vehicles have large roof sensors and are equipped with doors automatically closed to prevent an unsafe departure.

Uber, who has deployed about a dozen prototypes of the new vehicle but has not yet distributed them on public roads, said the self-driving system will allow a free, independent, day-to-day safely without the need “for a driver’s safety.

Asked whether Uber would put self-propelled cars with no security drivers in restricted areas in the coming years, Meyhofer said “yes to that before.” But he added that Uber wants to be in “the good bounty of public trust and regulatory trust” before making the business decision to be established.

In December, Uber resumed limited vehicle testing on public roads in Pittsburgh nine months after suspending the program after a deadly accident in Arizona.

In March 2018, Arizona authorities suspended Uber’s ability to test its car after one of its XC90 cars hit and killed a woman passing by night in the Phoenix suburbs of Tempe, the largest Uber testing. The clash was the first death attributable to a self-propelled vehicle.

In March 2019, prosecutors in Arizona said the company was not criminally responsible for the self-driving crash and would not prosecute the charges. Uber completed testing in Arizona, but plans to finally resume testing in Toronto and San Francisco, Meyhofer said.

Death caused significant security concerns over the self-proclaimed automotive industry, which is competing to take commercial vehicles.

Volvo’s Executive Director Hakan Samuelsson said in a statement that “by the middle of next decade we expect a third of all cars we sell to be fully autonomous.”

Volvo Cars, which is owned by China’s Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd, will use a similar, autonomous concept of basic vehicles for the introduction of its first autonomous commercially available technology in the early 1920s.

Volvo and Uber said in 2017 that the rideshare company had planned to buy up to 24,000 self-propelled cars from Volvo, from 2019 to 2021, using the self-driving system developed by Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group. A spokeswoman for Uber said on Tuesday that the company plans to “work with Volvo in tens of thousands of vehicles in the future”.

Other companies are also working to set self-driving vehicles in limited areas.

In January 2018, General Motors Co. demanded permission from US regulators to deploy a fleet of drivers without a driver without steering wheel or other human controls before the end of 2019 but still trying to gain regulatory approval. The Waymo of the Alpha Inc operates a robotic service in Arizona and said last month that it is collaborating with Lyft Inc. to serve more riders./Investing.com

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