Trump threatens Mexico for the immigration deal

“The United States had signed another part of an immigration and security agreement with Mexico, which should be ratified by Mexican lawmakers,” President Donald Trump said on Monday.

He did not give details but threatened fees if the Congress of Mexico did not approve the plan.

Trump said, “We have signed and fully documented another very important part of the Immigration and Security Agreement with Mexico, which the United States has asked for for many years to come, will be revealed in the near future distant and will need a vote from Legislative Mexico.

“We do not anticipate a vote problem, but if for some reason approval is not close, fees will be reinstated.”

Last month, Trump threatened 5% tariffs for Mexican goods. Tasks would increase each month until they reached 25% in October, unless Mexico prohibited illegal immigration across the border with Mexico.

On Friday, tariffs were lifted after the United States and Mexico announced an immigration deal. The joint communiqué issued by the two countries provided some details.

Critics have said there have been no major new commitments to slow Central American immigrants who go to the United States.

A White House spokesman did not respond promptly to a request for comment./

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