Iran seeks to seize the British tanker in the Persian Gulf

CNN reported that Iranian naval ships of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tried to capture a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, amid rising tensions in the region, but Iran denied the report.

British heritage was passing through the Straits of Hormuz when Iranian ships approached, demanding a change of tanks and banning in nearby Iranian territorial waters, CNN quoted two US officials as saying.

A Washington plane was overhead and recorded footage of the episode, the network reported. The tanker, operated by BP Plc, is capable of detaching about 1 million barrels of oil.

The ship was escorted from the back by a navy frigate of U.K., HMS Montrose, who trained horse arms in Iranian vessels and warned them to leave – which they did – according to CNN. Sky News and U.K. reported quoting an unidentified government spokesman, HMS Montrose was forced to “issue verbal warnings” for three Iranian ships, which later returned.

The Revolutionary Guards said there had been no confrontations with foreign ships, including U.K., during the last 24 hours, Fars half-official reported.

“If it gets an order to seize foreign ships, naval forces can act quickly, resolutely and without hesitation within the geographical scope of its mission,” according to the news agency.

Planned to sail from Iraq to Europe, Britain’s legacy was held within the Persian Gulf in recent days over concerns Iran could take in a secret response to the arrest of the British Royal Navy near Gilbraltar last week of a ship carrying Crude Islam of the Republic.

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The incident comes after Iran said it had already begun uranium enrichment beyond the lid set in a major 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, increasing pressure on European nations who want it to remain with the multiparty deal that has been avoided by Trump administration.

There are six vessels operating in the Persian Gulf registered in Britain, or one British Territory Outside and five operating under the British flag. In total, they have the capacity to transport almost 9 million barrels of crude./

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