Ford launches testing of new fleet in Detroit

The Ford Motor Company said that most of the autonomous vehicle company, Argo AI, launched its own Ford Fusion Hybrid self-test vehicle fleet in Detroit, expanding its presence in five US cities.

The new cars are equipped with improved sensors, including radar and higher resolution cameras, and higher-distance cameras, the company said.

US vehicle manufacturer No.2 is in talks with German car manufacturers Volkswagen AG to develop self-drive vehicles as the automotive unit competes for investment and engineering talent with colleagues as well as technology companies.

Ford’s subsidiary is competing with the robotics unit “Waymo” of Algeria, undertaking the majority of the “Robotics Cruise” of General Motors and the self-building of the Aurora car software, which has just announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobile and the self-drive project Uber’s.

Argo already operates vehicles in Pittsburgh, Palo Alto, Miami and Washington D.C./

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