Earth’s rare prices fly over the role in trading war

Shoddy is a Chinese technology company, said Huawei has a lot of work to do and needs to be improved as its current security is worse than that of its Western competitors, at least so one senior British official said of cyber security on Thursday.

“Huawei as a company builds things very different from their Western counterparts, some of which is because of how quickly they have grown up, some of it may be cultural – who knows,” said Ian Levy, Technical Director The National Cyber ​​Security of the UK Center, said at a London conference.

“What we have learned is (as) a result, security is objectively worse and we have to face it.”

Asked how Huawei likened to its competitors, Levy said: “Of course nothing is perfect, of course Huawei is poor, others are less dim.”/

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