Carney refuses to say if he will replace Lagarde

Mark Carney, the Bank of England’s Governor, tried to answer many questions about his desire to be Christine Lagarde’s successor, assuming the position of the head of the . In an interview today, Carney said he was still talking about something like this.

Carney will stand down as the BoE governor at the end of January 2020 and is widely considered as a potential candidate to replace Lagarde, who has been appointed to head the European Central Bank (ECB).

“I think we should respect the process here,” Carney told reporters, pointing out Lagarde had to be officially confirmed as the ECB president before the IMF began its search for the next managing director.

“There will be a time when this process will begin, and that’s probably the right time to answer that question,” he said.

On Tuesday, the French finance ministry denied a media report that France and Germany had reached an agreement to support Carney to run the IMF.

Speaking at a press conference following the publication of the latest BoE’s Financial Stability Report, he said he was committed to leading the British economy, as its Brexit deadline on October 31 approaches and directs BoE while seeking a new governor.

“There are some regular transitions and one of them is a regular transition (Brexit) until October 31 and a regular transition to my successor and of course I will make sure this is the case,” Carney said when asked if he may be the next head of the IMF./


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